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Certified Work Capacity Evaluator

Matheson Education and Training - Manchester NH, United States


Cognitive Capacity Evaluator

Matheson Education and Training - Manchester NH, United States


Certified Expert Witness

Bond Solon. Cardiff University School of Law & Politics, UK


Advanced Functional Capacity Evaluator

Matheson Education and Training - Vancouver, Canada


Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP)

International Disability Management Standards Council in the United Kingdom

I use a functional approach to comment on a person's capacity for work and earnings potential. Matching a person’s known functional abilities and limitations to the functional demands of specific jobs enables me to identify suitable occupations. This functional approach forms the core of my argument about what type of work a person can and cannot do. In turn, this approach enables me to present an evidence-based opinion about the person's earning potential, based on their capacity for work.


Vocational Rehabilitation assessments

Expert Witness Reports

Capacity for work and employability

Ascertaining suitable occupations

Commenting on earnings potential

Vocational case management

Return to work planning

Career mapping for adolescents




Complete Functional Career Profile

Career Redirection

Work Capacity Evaluations

Functional and cognitive evaluations

Transferable skills and job demands analysis

Workplace assessments

Occupation and earnings evaluation

Employment reports



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